Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Royal Gorge Bridge

Today's destination was Royal Gorge Bridge. (1,053 feet high) This is the highest suspension bridge in the world. We headed out in the morning to blue skies and warm temps. The roads and scenery were awe inspiring. It's been a while since I visited the part of the country and it's easy to forget just how impressive the mountains are. It can be hard to keep your eye on the road at times.

Royal Bridge had more than we anticipated. Despite not having the time to take advantage of all of it, standing on that bridge was awesome. Now I hate the word awesome, but it fits today. We witnessed two specialties at Royal Gorge that are staying with me still. The first is the Royal Rush Skycoaster. On this ride, you and up to two other of your friends can get strapped into a harness and swing out 1300 feet above the Gorge. Not me, thank you! Take a look at some of the photos. I zoomed in so you can see the people. Another shot shows what they are swinging from. I read that they are swinging at 50 miles an hour!

We next witnessed a bright red helicopter come zipping over head. It banked sharply to the left, and I thought it was going to crash! Instead it dropped out of sight, and raced into the canyon right beneath the bridge. Now that's a ride! We needed to head out to meet Rich and Brian, so off we went. Not before we had to jump start my bike however, because in all the excitement, I left the key on and the bike was dead as a door nail.

After meeting up with Rich and Brian we headed off to our 2nd motel, through some serious twisties. There was one moment I had a good chuckle. We hit some road construction and needed to ride 7 miles on dirt. LEE HATES DIRT! I could practically see this in neon on the back of his head. He did well though, and made up for it in the twisties zipping out of sight in a flash!

We ended our day feasting on Mexican fare. Tomorrow we head for Rocky Mountain National Park. I'm off now for some much needed sleep.

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