Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell - Zion National Park Day

From Cortez Arizona, we traveled to Page and stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam. The ride there took us along route 160 through some of the most punishing heat imaginable. When you ride in the cold, you have to consider the chill factor. I'm not sure what the opposite of that is, but riding in heat like this is like being in a convection oven. Hot just doesn't describe it.

We finally reached a trading post where we could gas up, but what we were more interested in was water. I wet a bandanna and wrapped that around my neck, after a good drenching of the head. Here we watched a fleet of Mercedes pull into the lot. All the drivers were German, and the cars were test cars. Each model was rigged and hooked to laptops. Their one complaint was that they could not find 98 octane in the US.

Off we went from there to stop at the dam. Crossing the bridge alone is impressive enough. You can see a few shots in the photos below. Of course, this is a massive dam, and the security is tight. To enter the visitor section is like the check points at the airport. Good thing bikers carry very little. I was through in no time at all. There is an interesting piece of rock out in the front with dinosaur tracks, which I took a photo of as well. You can only look at a dam so long, and soon we were off in the heat again.

The heat was really getting to me and if we hadn't reach the hotel when we did, I'm not sure I would have made it. Relieved to be at our destination, I was also a bit short tempered. Fortunately this place had a nice pool, and all of us were soon cooling our baked flesh. What a relief that was! I felt so much better that Andy and I joined Barb and Bill for an evening ride the Zion National Park. The pink in the rocks at sunset is nature's beauty at it's finest. Even the roads into Zion are impressive. Kansas may have their "yellow brick road" but at Zion the pink road makes me imagine that the red carpet has been rolled out. You just know that this road is taking you some place special!

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