Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Afternoons

     What ever happened to the concept of the 4 day work week?  There are companies that do have such a thing, but it hasn’t caught on quite as much as I’d hope. So here I am on another Friday, when the inbox is stagnant, the phone remains quiet, and I’m scratching my head at how to be productive. It’s tough when one is raised with a strong work ethic. So, I pretend to strategize, plan ahead, and follow all the concepts of Stephen Covey. But let’s get real, I’m looking out the window at the beautiful spring day and dreaming of the weekend and where I will ride.

     We have finally managed to get the bikes out on a few excursions. The last vestiges of snow have vanished and the song birds are out in full force. Yet, winter doesn’t seem to want to loosen its grip. This seems to happen just when I get out on the open road. In addition to the danger of sand at the intersections, and last autumn’s leaves, Andy and I have been hit by hail, if for a brief moment, but still it was hail. So to see a Friday as beautiful as today and be confined makes it hard to keep to my own standards

     I’m going to confess that I had to check up on the motorcycle world. I discovered that Antiques Roadshow will have a special on April 29th, broadcasted from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Also at this year’s rally, women who have been influential in the motorcycle world will be featured. These aren’t the big name movers and shakers, but the everyday person who has had an impact on the motorcycle world.

     In addition, I’ve made some decent headway into planning our motorcycle vacation. I’m looking at Kentucky this year. The Daniel Boone National Forest it attracting my attention with everything from waterfalls, natural arches to caves. The roads getting there look absolutely inviting. But alas, my moment of daydreaming needs to end; time to break off here and get back to the work ethic.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Live Life!

Is there something you do or dream about that makes you think “now this is the life!” I have those fantasies too. At other times, I have to pinch myself because I just can’t believe we’re on our dream trip; like our visit to Sturgis for example. Well,  I reached another milestone this week as the two things I love to do most got a bit of a global presence when SafecoInsurance’s site when live this week with its new look and feel.  There on the first page is a story with my byline. 

                There’s more to come too! I’ll be writing for in the coming months. What better gig is there than writing about motorcycle adventures? For me there just isn’t anything I’d rather do more.  If you’re looking for some ideas on where to ride and what to see, check out my posts and that of the other contributors.  There’s a little something for everyone from RVing, boating and car trips. The site lets you focus on the area where you live for a narrow focus, or you can broaden your dreams and check out other parts of the country.

                In the meantime, while you’re visiting the website read my posts and check out the photos. There are map points too so you can see exactly where I’m writing about. Take notes so you can visit yourself.  Like castles? Then start with Gillette Castle and the Devil's Hopyard. If the waterfall attracted your attention in this story, then the next one to read is  Letchworth State Park.  Are mountains more to your taste?  Then Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina is a must read, and the photos are gorgeous. When you’ve read these three you might have worked up an appetite. No worries, I’ve got just the place for you to visit. Take a Rib Run to Curtis’ BBQ. Please feel free to leave comments here and at LiveLifeLocal!  Let us know what you think!