Sunday, May 19, 2013

Twisted Throttle Open House

               With some extra cash in my pocket these days, I’m looking to upgrade my riding wardrobe and replace a few items on the motorcycle. So when I noticed Whitehorse Press and Twisted Throttle were both holding open houses, I was excited. I read more closely I noticed they were both on the same day. We had to choose; north or south? Having never visited Twisted Throttle, it seemed a no brainer. Off we headed to Rhode Island.  We arrived late morning, and already the lot was full and the place was jumping.  After checking in, getting our wrist bands and raffle tickets, we set off to see what all the commotion was about at the opposite end of the lot.

                What we found were the trials club* doing their stunts around and over the obstacles.  I get vertigo just watching them do their thing. It was amazing to watch. We got a little education too. These trials bikes cost $8000. These bikes are not street legal, so you have to be really into trials to invest eight grand. Also, the gas tank holds a grand total of one quart of gas. The bonus was when the announcer asked if anyone would like to try to balance one of these trials bikes.  I was standing right in front of the rider, so I raised my hand. It was surprising how much they do weigh as these riders move them around like they are feathers. I didn't manage to balance too long, but had a sense that if I could get 10 minutes I’d be doing OK. It was fun!

                After our free lunch and a bit of browsing, we headed back to watch more stunts. This time, it was Chris “Teach” McNeil performing incredible stunts on stock motorcycles. He clowned around at the start, and I cracked up at his rendition of a novice biker trying to tame the motorcycle. It was a hoot!  Check out the video I've posted on YouTube* to see for yourself the talent this guy has on a motorcycle.

                While I didn't find any new apparel for myself, I did get a 25% discount on a new rear tire that will ship Monday to my home; no shipping charge. I was pleased with the personal service the Michelin rep gave me, even walking out to visit Blaze. I did suffer a bit of scolding when he saw her though, as Blaze is in dire need of new sneakers.  

                With clouds gathering and Blaze with treadles tires, we decided to head home mid-afternoon.  I didn't want to take more risks than necessary. I had a great time at Twisted Throttle and hope to visit again in the future.  

*Videos embedded 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cabela Tales

This past weekend the Fearsome Foursome (as Lee likes to call us) took to the super slabs and hightailed it to Cabela’s in Hamburg Pennsylvania. Cabela’s is a favorite of Lee’s and since we were celebrating (birthday), it was his destination of choice. Cabela’s is definitely a “man’s” store, so the guys were happy as clams the whole weekend. Deb and I enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves, and we had a few good chuckles over their antics.

This was my first adventure to Cabela’s and I have to admit, I was impressed. The place is most certainly a tourist destination as much as it is a sporting goods store. This particular Cabela’s is the largest in the nation at 250,000 square feet. The animal displays (taxidermy), are superb. The aquarium and historical bits of information need more than one visit to truly appreciate. The employees go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and not once did anyone complain or even bat an eyelash at the goings on in their store.

Some of the scenes from the weekend keep rolling through my mind like movie trailers. There is Lee, posing like a Jedi Warrior in his camouflage jacket. Then there are the guys with rifles in hand and talking like bad boys. Or how I caught them wearing coonskin caps and challenging each other over whose tail was the longest.  Andy found a kids pop gun, snuck up behind me and let loose. The noise made me scream, (yes, just like a girl) and I jumped a foot at the loud POP.


Debbie always has me laughing with her witty observations.  In the African display area, the animals are fantastic and so life like in their poses. There is a majestic lion perched on a rock outcropping posed in a perfect roar stance. Across from this scene are the lionesses taking down their prey. As Lee was admiring the mighty lion, Deb pointed out that it was the lionesses taking down the prey. We both observed that is was the women taking care of things and bringing dinner home. I couldn’t help but jump in with my own observation that the pose was really the lion telling the ladies what a great job they're doing and how he’ll be rewarding each of them tonight!  Lee was not to be outwitted, so in the aquarium as we observed the pike, barely moving in the tank. He gave them voice in true Pixar fashion. “Don’t move anyone! Maybe they won’t see us and leave.”

We came back in the morning and had breakfast in the café. If you have the app Foursquare on your smartphone, check in, and get a 30% discount at the register. You have to show the clerk the code on your phone, so do that first. They have a decent breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings. After breakfast, we made our purchases and headed back to the slabs for home. That doesn’t mean the fun is over. At any rest area with a decent table, we can find Lee taking a load of his feet.

All in all, the weekend totaled 722 miles. Not bad for the first good ride of the season.