Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year, A New Beginning.

                I had goose bumps ripple over my flesh when I reread my post from this time last year.  I had forgotten most of its content; on the surface that is, but subliminally, I seem to have soaked up my own advice, and its rewards are beginning to show.  I will share more in a few minutes on what is going on with me, but first, with the New Year of course comes advice I want to give you so that I can also soak it up again for myself. The value of which will only be clear to each of us when we look behind us.
                I, like everyone else, have things in my life I would like to accomplish. Yet, not unlike the majority of the population, I spend too much time looking back and bemoaning missed opportunities, or crying over failed expectations. At the beginning of the 2012 I became tired of this and took advice that is serving me well. A geek friend of mine (said with loving affection and geek is not a bad word as some believe) gave as a gift a program he wrote then installed on my home PC. It’s a nice little script that emails to me on a schedule I specify, affirmations throughout the day. I select the affirmations that have meaning for me alone. This constant reminder throughout the day has helped me make strides forward in my goals, and modify habits from bad to good. I feel calmer, less stressed, and enjoy everyday life more than I have for years. What kind of affirmations you might ask? Here are two of my favorites.
                “It is the constant dripping that hollows out the stone.”
                Accept life's nuisances but don't give them more power than they deserve. Stay positive.”

                The result of all my affirmations is that I feel more relaxed and centered than ever.  What about those goals of mine? How are these affirmations getting me to where I want to go? It seems one drip at a time.  In looking back, I can now see that I needed more personal growth, a better understanding of what I want and why, and when I was ready, the universe delivered.

                I am currently working on inking an agreement to blog professionally for a national website. This agreement is currently being reviewed. And while due diligence is being attended to, I don’t think it is premature to say that the parties are in accord. It has been a dream of mine to share more broadly the wonderful motorcycle excursions we take throughout this amazing Country of ours. This is a magnificent opportunity to do just that; in word, photo and map.
                While I’ll be sharing motorcycle adventures to a greater audience, I will not forget my friends here. Come back and visit now and then, because this is where the personal antics will continue to be shared.  In the coming days, I will post the link where you can follow me nationally. Thank you to all of you who share a love of motorcycling and have continued to follow my blog over time.  I also owe a great thanks to the New England Riders, who took me under their wing when I was but a novice, and always made me feel accepted. Some of my first best stories came from our association. I’m off now to renew my affirmations for 2013. Try this for yourself.  Let me know how it goes. I’m always pleased to hear from you.