Motorcycle Jackets

by Guest Blogger Kiara Wilson

Motorcycle jackets are the most important thing for a rider. A jacket not only protects you from the injuries but also looks chic and is a style statement. Often motorcycle riders on their way to work wear a helmet but avoid a jacket. How Silly! This should be avoided as we see that fatal injuries may not always be related to the head.
The science behind the jacket
Jackets, be it for men or woman are mostly made up of leather, nylon or Kevlar’s. Ideally leather is one of the most preferred materials. Isn’t it obvious? Most types of leather used these days are lighter, stronger and suppler. This makes wearing a motorcycle jacket most comfortable and also provides the same level of safety provided by thick leather jackets. A good quality jacket always comes with padding on shoulders, chest, elbows and arms. This ensures that in case you have a fall it won’t be your last fall. These armors and padding essentially absorb the load to save the crucial parts so as to make you fit for riding again.

Jackets are trendy!!
How many of you remember Marlon Brando from the movie ‘The Wild One’? We all know how trendy the black leather jacket looked. That is one of the few examples of when biker jackets are made iconic by the person wearing it. Be it a guy or a girl a jacket for biker is not only for the safety but also for the style.

Man-made textile: the new thing in the jacket world
Man has always found a way to change things according to their needs. Motorcycles jackets, over the years have changed and have evolved. Man-made textile is now being seen as an alternative to leather. They are same as leather although with a few more benefits. These are made up of Nylons and Kevlar which are high density materials. They also come up with a water-proof Gortex lining. This protects you from the extreme heat, cold or rains so that you can ride care free. The jackets also come with an additional airbag which protect you from injuries. The additional air pockets and vents are a great addition as they help in the circulation of air so that you don’t feel like sitting inside an oven!! Biker Jackets be it leather or textile, are the next most important thing for a rider, be it a male or female, after a motorcycle helmets. Also it looks great too!!

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