Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green River to Colorado Springs - Monday & Tuesday

We had a long ride from Green River to Colorado Springs. We started our journey on I-70. You can take just so much of super slab riding however, and Lee diverted us to route 24. Lee went ahead to fill his twistie lust and the other four bikes stuck together in a leisurely scenic ride to meet up with Lee in Buena Vista.

Route 24 is undergoing road work in some areas. We knew this as we had traveled the road earlier in the week. To add to our discomfort riding a dirt road way, the skies darkened and it began to sprinkle. Now our road was mud. At the second section of road way there was a flagman and at this point we pulled off to put on rain gear as the sky was getting darker. After our gear was on, Bill's bike would not start again. We spent some time at this stop until Bill and Andy discovered the trouble. All that dirt and mud from the road had interfered with the kill switch mechanism that prevents you from starting a bike with the kickstand down. After the dirt was cleared the bike roared to life.

We were not spared the rain and endured some serious pelting on our way to the meet point. This rain was so intense that it felt like a million needles piercing the flesh. It's possible the rain was close to hail. Ouch!

We reconnected in Buena Vista and had a great lunch in the sun. When we saw the dark clouds heading our way, we hightailed it out of there and continued our ride to Colorado Springs. Not far from our destination is the Garden of the God's. This is a strange area that seems as if parts of Utah have been dropped right into Colorado. The surrounding landscape would not indicate that such formations were close at hand just seconds of the highway.

After a late meal, we retired for the night. This morning, we are packing in preparation for our ride home. Andy is off looking for two more decent tires for the trailer. I have some moments to myself for reflection of the past week. This adventure has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. As riding companions our personalities blended well. It was a pleasure to spend time and share these experiences with them. If I could have one wish, it would be to come together again in the future for a new adventure. Bill, Barb, Deb and Lee. Thanks so much. Andy, you were more than tremendous in how you watched our tails from behind. Also a special thanks to Lee who put so much time and effort into planning this trip. You did one hell of a great job. Thanks.


Willie aka NomadWillie said...

So how many NP stamps do you have ???


Deb said...

Great stuff!
Your comments so true. Lee and I enjoyed the entire trip with you, Andy, Bill and Barb.
You and Jade are certainly road-worthy. You now look as if you and Jade are one.
Thanks for covering my back when I couldn't ride up to the skill level of you and the others.