Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day of Rest? - Sunday-

It seems that what motorcyclist do to relax is to take a day trip. No watching birds, no sitting by the pool. That's for old folks right? Ok, enough teasing, here is the real story.

At breakfast, the owner of the establishment, a friendly fellow named Ben, suggested some fun sights we might want to visit. Not only that, he highlighted in yellow a route we should take. Included in the sights was Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, and the Indian Pictograms. Lee and Deb were off to do their own thing, and Andy and I joined Bill and Barb for a day following Ben's route.

We spent the most time in Canyonlands. Our destinations of choice were Grand View and Upheaval Dome. Upheaval Dome is another spot on the map that begs for one to sit and ponder. The wind blew across the canyon at this spot and cooled our scorched flesh. Back to the bikes we headed down the Canyon for gas. Once again, Jade is burning fuel like there is no tomorrow. When we reach the gas station, the tank is nearly dry, but I made it there this time.

The day is getting away from us when we reach Arches National Park. The one arch that Ben suggested we see is 40 miles into the park. We haven't even been to the Pictograms yet. We settle on riding 10 miles instead to look at Balance Rock. While there, I am dizzy and light headed despite keeping hydrated. We head back out of the park fully intending to take in the Pictograms. However, as we travel closer to our destination, the sky darkens and we see lightning in the distance. Unsure of which direction this storm is heading, we hightail it back "home." I feel it's a wise decision. I arrive feeling a bit queasy and very thirst. I buy a large beverage from the machine, put on my suit and hop in the pool.

At dinner Lee has is laptop which is his habit when we are discussing our next days travel. This time however, Lee has some words of contemplation and reflection he has put together in a quiet moment of his own. Watch this blog for a guest posting from Lee as I feel his words would be most appropriate here.

Monday we head back to Colorado Springs. We have an option to ride through the Garden of the Gods. The skies, heat and fatigue level will make our decision for us the closer we get. Monday's ride will be long and that is one of the considering factors.

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