Monday, March 14, 2016

Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride

Ladies here is a great opportunity to take part in an epic ride and honor women motorcyclists.  This Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride from New York to San Francisco will take place July 3 – 24, 2016. The catalyst for this event is the 100th anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren’s courageous ride across the United States on motorcycles.  At a time when women didn’t even have the right to vote and few roads were paved, these two accomplished something unprecedented in their time.

This ride is limited to 100 women, but there are opportunities to take part all along the way.  Check out this great article in Women Riders Now and then visit the website to see how you can participate in this event.

The ride will loosely follow the route these sisters took, which is mostly along the Lincoln Highway. There are fully guided tours as well as self-guided options.  Members of Augusta and Adeline’ family will also take part in the ride. Augusta and Adeline both went on to lead exceptional lives achieving what few women of their time could, and leading the way as examples to empower us today.

We've come a long way baby and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than this event. Even if you can't get the time off work to do a cross country trip there are celebrations taking part in Springfield MA and San Francisco CA that you can join. 

For those of us who will be stuck in the office, here are some great reading suggestions.