Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Long Way to STA-BIL

Sunday November 23rd found me standing on the porch in my PJ’s sipping coffee and watching the birds. This is not a typical November happening in New England! As we had not yet put the bikes to bed for the season, we decided a ride was in order to fill the tanks and add the Sta-bil for winter. Thus began our 100 mile loop, or as I like to call it “the long way to sta-bil.”

I hadn’t had an opportunity to ride for a few weeks and when I pulled out of the drive I had that exuberant feeling I usually only get in spring after the long hiatus. We were in full gear and layers, but in reality, the air was very comfortable. At no time during our ride did I feel chilled. Our love of exploration took us down paths we’d never traveled before, past horse farms and quiet pastures. An occasional homeowner would be out and about in the yard, and every one raised a hand in greeting.

What we found humorous was the thought that if you were a stranger to our country, it would be hard to tell what holiday was being celebrated in these parts. Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas décor was prevalent. It gave us the feeling of not only moving through neighborhoods but moving through time. I remembered an essay of the man on a train watching life's activities going on outside the window on his way to his destination. I believe the moral of that story is that it’s not the destination, but the journey that makes life worthwhile. And motorcycling is definitely all about the journey!

With the days so short and the dark shadows already gathering by the three o’clock hour, we pointed the fenders towards home. We rode into the yard around four pm and the gloom was well upon us. Only then, did we finally take care of the winterization. With the snow storm heading our way today, with up to 10 inches of the white stuff predicted to fall, we still are not calling it over. You never know, a few unexpected warm days and you just might find Blaze on the road again….just one last time. And her rider thankful for it.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!