Thursday, July 24, 2008

Colorado Day 3 - Black Canyon

Our day took us from Eagle Colorado to Cortez. At first I wasn't sure what type of day we would have as far as riding goes, due to Lee's foot being in a bad way the night before. However, things were better in the morning so off we went. From Eagle we traveled through Glen Canyon. The skies opened up and this bit of travel was done with rain gear. However, Glen Canyon was spectacular even in the rain.

We stopped for gas at the halfway point to Black Canyon to judge the weather. We had already pealed off the rain gear a few miles back. The sun was now beating down upon us. Our plan was to get close, and if the weather held we would go to Gunnison National Park at Black Canyon. The gods were with us. This area is known as a mini Grand Canyon. It is amazing what mother nature has created. On the ride out of the canyon I had another surprise. For those of you who have come down from Mt Vernon into Milford, think of their sign that says "Enjoy the View." Now magnify that 100 fold. WOW!

We were soon in the rain again. At these elevations it can get darn cold. Despite the cold, the scenery is still beautiful in a way no other part of the country can deliver. We went from roasting hot to teeth chattering in the space of a few miles. Before we reached our nights destination the weather had cleared again and the bank sign read 87 when we reached the hotel. As I'm pressed for time. This is the short version. We are off to Utah today. More later with photos.

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