Friday, November 29, 2013

BBQ Chasing

While I have been quiet lately on this blog, it doesn't mean I haven't been riding. I'm still without a PC at home on a regular basis. However, I have started taking my work laptop home, so you may see me more going forward. I did want to share some fun news with you hence my visit here today. I also haven't blogged about our great vacation escape to Nova Scotia this summer. More soon on that. In the meantime, read on about the Smoke Chasing Grand Tour I took part in this summer.

Earlier this season, I signed up with the AMA to do the Smoke Chasing Tour. The money up front that you pay to be part of the tour goes to charity so I like that. You can learn more about the AMA and this events at this link. I signed up because I wanted more excuses to ride with my pal Dave, knowing how much he loves BBQ, but alas, Dave became preoccupied and couldn't join us as I had hoped. No worries though because I love BBQ too! I also learned that not many women participate and I felt a special pride in doing the tour. Yet, as the year progressed, I realized that I would not be able to complete all 20 stops. I was a bit downhearted and felt like I was also not representing my gender well. Despite this, I decided to upload what I had as not to let the team down because each stop earns you points. I figured the points would help the team and things weren't a complete loss. To my delight I received this note from our team leader.


Four states plus the BBQ Braggadocio side dish for bragging in photos 4 & 5 is not too bad. We agree that you did not finish but we score your ride as 20 points for states, 8 points for stops, and 5 points for Braggadocio, Your final score is 33 points. That is actually more points than you would need to finish the ride, so again, not too shabby.

We love BBQ and riding so any chance to do that, and share that with others is great for us. We thank you for joining us this year.

SCGT13 Team"

So I'm feeling pretty good as you can imagine. You can view the photos at my Photobucket link to see the places I visited on the Grand Tour this year.
I'm thinking I might try again next year!