Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grand Canyon - North Rim- Friday

We stayed two nights in Kanab Utah so that we might fully enjoy and appreciate the Grand Canyon. We set off early in the morning for our destination. We stopped at Jacob's Lake, where it is said the best homemade cookies can be found. Being early in the morning we decided to stop here on the way back and sample the cookies. Lee mentioned we could get gas here or one other location. My bike has not been getting the best gas mileage due to the altitude and carburetor trouble, but Andy calculated that I would have enough for the round trip. Off we went.

The Canyon did not disappoint. I found great pleasure in watching Barb's face as she witnessed the canyon for the first time. Bill found himself sitting at the rim of the visitor center just taking in the magnificence of the canyon. We lingered here for some time enjoying a great buffet lunch and then were back on the road again to explore the rest of the canyon.

I wanted to get back to Angel's Window. I remember this spot as the most intense of experiences of all the canyon locations. I was not disappointed. Later to my delight, I discovered that my new camera could recreate the moments in ways I have not recorded such experiences before.

The ride to Angel's Window was tough on Jade. The altitude does not agree with her. She coughed and sputtered her way up the winding road that leads to the parking near this point on the canyon. When nearly to the top, I heard Andy come over the radio that something has fallen off the bike. I had heard a clang, but didn't know what it was. The clang was a baffle that shot out one of the tailpipes on Jade. That sucker was HOT! Andy had a towel in his saddle bag and picked it up off the side of the road. Jade is a loud bike, but now she sounded like a Harley wanna-be.

While at Angel's Window we witnessed an electrical storm across the canyon. What a spectacular show. However, signs warn of lightning strikes so we took care. When the sky threatened, we mounted and headed on back out of the park. Jade's tank was desperately low but still, we felt I had enough to make the nearest station. My mistake was to idle a few minutes at the exit and this proved to be my undoing. Not half a mile from the station, Jade sputtered and the tank went dry. Lee went ahead to get gas while Andy and I moved Jade to a safer part of the road.

With gas enough to make the station, we pulled in to fill up. Lee, Deb, Bill and Barb went ahead to Jacob's Lake. Wouldn't you know that right at that spot on the map, the black cloud caught up with me and Andy. We donned our rain gear and high tailed it to group. With that experience now behind me, I took full advantage of the Jacob Lake famous cookies and had TWO giant cookies. I agree. The cookies were rich, delicious and filling.

Full to the brim with cookies we decided to fore go dinner out, and instead had beer, chips and store bought sandwiches outside the hotel. The sky was streaked from horizon to the heavens with streaks of pink and gold. The canyon walls were ablaze with the evening sun. It was the best beer and chip experience I have ever been privileged to share with a group. Especially a group as great as this.

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