Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seek and Ye Shall Find

It has been months since the search began. I spent hours upon hours of reading specifications, doing research and understanding each make and model. Then the endless weeks of visiting this forum or that forum, asking questions and reading reviews. Every weekend hour not occupied by duty had us visiting dealerships or motorcycle shows so that I could sit on the saddles, lift motorcycles off their kickstands, test the weight and balance. In the end I was sure of what I wanted.

Next I logged into eBay to watch selling prices, looked up values in books of blue, brown and black. Made sure I understood the model, its idiosyncrasies, and the current value. Knowing full well that when talking with sellers, being an educated buyer is the first order of business. What I didn’t count on was the stubbornness of sellers, gripping at their perception of value with an iron fist.

The haggling war is brutal! There is clearly overpriced stock on the market and despite the best evidence brought to them, the sellers hold firm and unrelenting. They believe spring will bring out the buyers paying any price. The year 2008 was their best season ever they claim, despite being reminded of gas prices and the desire by commuters for affordable transportation. Clearly, I needed help. Who better than my New England Rider friends to turn to advice, information and yes, even help finding the perfect fit! They did not let me down.

A good biker chick is tough, holds her chin high and keeps her emotions in check. Right? …Then why am I filled with sentiment for the good folk in the background scouring the country, literally, for the perfect bike for Pat. In my dismay at the overpriced stock, the non-haggling dealers, and the private sellers who place tour model prices on their stripped down versions, it was the New England Riders who came through for me. The New England Riders always come through in the end. Not only did certain individuals search out bikes, they talked with the owners, did research of their own, and always, always, without fail, helped me with any question or problem I encountered.

I am currently working out logistics for a purchase in Pennsylvania. We are agreed on the price, yet there are hurdles to overcome. I am thinking of it as my own already, and scolding myself against those thoughts. Any number of unforeseen problems can arise. Still, as if a new baby is on the way, I have Andy getting things ready. Can a woman be any more blessed than to have a spouse who will go out in the biting wind to dig away a snow bank and uncover a motorcycle trailer? Then spend his day off repairing the damage from our vacation, and making modifications needed for a single bike. To top it off, agree to drive her 320 miles to complete the transaction. Do I have a tear in my eye? You bet your ass I do buster.

From 2009 season

From 2009 season


fasthair said...

Ms. Pat: No fair! I was all giddy reading this thinking, finally we get to know what she was going to get. I read quickly hoping at the end I would get to know what it is. But what do I get? I friggin picture of a snow bank! You're killing me :)

fasthair said...

Mr Fasthair. You can't take pictures of the new baby before you get it home! Patience my friend.

Baron's Life said...

Ok the suspense is too much...I need to know what you getting