Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time Out

I take a break from all that is motorcycling to delve into the world of women. I wrap up the gifts and head to a baby shower for my niece. My daughters are there with grandkids in tow, a bonus in my book for any family event.

Aiden and Paulina are sitting by each other when I arrived, just in time to witness a debate over just who’s toy it is. Not a problem. When you are three and almost two, these things resolve quickly. Soon Paulina is feeding Memere bits off her plate. I suspect she feeds me the items she does not want. I realize that she has tasted them first before feeding them too me. Oh well, not big deal.

The kids are then enjoying kiddy music and Paulina is doing her best dance. She so loves music! Aiden moves on to the trucks. While I’m distracted by the next gift being unwrapped, Aiden is tugging on my pant leg. I look down and he is holding up his little hand. I see a set of teeth marks on the back near his pass stamp to tumble bus. He is not crying but has a serious pout going. I kiss the booboo all over, then rub it and since it is still red, give him a wet paper towel to hold over it. He accepts the wet towel, and walks around the room so that everyone can notice his suffering, hand held out, with the other little hand holding the paper towel firmly in place. After a while, he puts the paper towel down. However, each time it catches his attention, he reapplies it for good measure.

I sit with Paulina for a bit and draw for her on a little writing board that erases quickly with the flick of a leaver. She erases them as quickly as I draw them, and then indicates I should draw another. We are all distracted once again by the gifts being unwrapped. Paulina takes the opportunity to nab one or two of those little self contained creamers for coffee, and I chase her around the room trying to get them back before she figures out how they open. She’s a clever one for sure! The coffee creamers retrieved, she finds the extra bottled drinks stored under the table and begins to hand them one by one to her mother. All is quiet for now.

Meanwhile, it seems Aiden has had just about enough of a room full of ladies. He digs into his bag and pulls out his blanket. Then he lies on his back, pulls the blanket over himself and closes his eyes. He looks angelic with the lashes fluttering his cheeks. He doesn’t stay long because the cake is being passed around, and even little boys will tolerate a room full of women for a piece of cake.

I’ve had my family, grandkids and women bonding fix. Now let me get back to the motorcycle hunt. The sun is staying up later each day, I’m beginning to hear sounds of spring, and my throttle hand is getting itchy.

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