Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Seen

Visibility is everything. Jade sports a number of modifications that help us be seen by other drivers more easily. Over the years I have installed a modulating break light, a front light bar and even a modulating headlight. I tend not to use the headlight feature much anymore because others have indicated that, on my particular bike anyway, the high beam is more noticed.

The rain gear I own is generic. It keeps me dry and is durable enough for use on a motorcycle. The colors are blue/gray. Not a good color to be wearing on a gloomy day. Therefore, I use reflective tape on my back and across the chest. Typical riding gear is usually piped with reflective material as well. All of this is essential if being seen on the road is important to you. Friends have made modifications to their own bikes that I admire from time to time. Extra light sets front and back, anything legal to make sure no one misses their presence on the road.

I have seen reflective tape on the backs of helmets too. Some wear the bright reflective vests over their jackets. The vest selection seems to be more a personal choice, and I have seen this more among women then men. My personal preference is my white riding jacket in summer. Bright and reflecting the sun enough to give me a bit of comfort. I’m sure many of you have made modifications to motorcycle or clothing you feel helps make you visible. If so, please feel free to share these ideas here.

Maintaining visibility is true for both my passions; riding and writing. I explore various types of media by which to present my craft to the world. Here on this blog in the side bar are a few links where you can read more of my work. When I step away from motorcycle topics I use Helium as my venue. If you are curious about what other thoughts cross my mind check my articles at Helium. Also, I have recently been accepted and published on I am pleased that Ezine bestowed me with their “expert author” status too. Take a moment to check it out. As always, feedback is welcomed.

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