Monday, November 19, 2007

Out Your Front Door

Writers writing,
Grandpas rocking
Families struggling
Two friends smiling
Work stress piling
Freelance editing
Colleagues networking
Daughter sharing
Sisters bonding
Others grieving

There are names of real people attached to each of the descriptors above, which further personalizes the emotion, event, or circumstance, and calls us to be mindful of the world around us. All the above I witnessed in a twenty-four hour period. When we look beyond ourselves, we see the joys, struggles and emotional turmoil of those that touch our lives each day. We need only stop, listen, and be present. It’s what makes us human.

Let me give more structure to a few of those descriptors.

A writer’s memoir of their life’s journey, held so dear, and recorded before it is lost in time, connects with one who will edit for possible publication to share, that we may read and contemplate our similarities.

There’s a new grandfather, rocking his pre-term infant granddaughter. He is smiling, telling us she is getting stronger each day. They have bonded, these two, we can see it in the smile, and the sparkle of the eye.

A vicious cancer strikes a loved one, and one tells the family story of their struggle to come together and bridge great distances to be there for each other.

Two friends, smiling over coffee, glad for the quiet moment to reconnect.

A man, standing at my desk, grieving the lost of his father. We talk, and I tell him of my mother, and an e-mail to me from a stranger that said it all. “Mom is Mom, and gone is gone.” Can any words sum up the emotions of loosing a parent more than these?

When I hear, “where do you get ideas for writing?” you need look no further than out your door.

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