Friday, November 2, 2007

The Collective Mind

This week has seen me on the social circuit and my writing in general has taken a back seat except for the wiki. Working on the wiki is enjoyable, and stress free. It releases the creative juices and gives me challenging problems to solve. I’m as content as a cat curled in the sun when creative projects occupy my time.

Although my writing took a back seat this week, I feel it equally important to stay connected with friends. My friends are so different from me in personality, in their approach to life’s problems, and in how they look at the word in general, that I find solace as well as fortitude in the words they have for me. I was not disappointed in looking to get my emotional batteries recharged when I turned to my social network.

One friend may have missed his calling in not becoming a motivational speak as his profession. His systematic and rational approach to problem solving amazes me. He does this while at the same time applying his particular brand of philosophy on any subject to himself as well. He does not just give lip service to what he suggests for his friends.

Our discussion led to talk about our work and my own personal job hunt. In exchanging information about where our friends have found employment, we discovered we each had valuable information about companies that we would not have discovered otherwise except for the inside information we now possess. This, for me, is important in avoiding jumping from the pot into the fire. Our network is keeping us informed. The parting words my friend had for me on this subject did more for me that all the pep talks I’ve had since June.

“Pat, the Collective Mind is watching out for you. Your place is not yet ready. When it is, you will know it.”

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