Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring

When you step outside in New Hampshire on the first day of spring, the song of the robin isn’t the only sound you hear, but the subtle rumble of v-twin engines is also in the air. Nor are the crocuses the only color on the landscape, but too, the vibrant rainbow of motorcycles out on their maiden spring voyage.

So it was on the first day of spring when Blaze popped forth from hibernation a “blaze” of color on the landscape in sharp contrast to the remnants of snow still clinging to the earth. Off she went with her Vulcan partner to meet the Amherst Motorcycle Club. What a perfect day it was too! The temperature reached into the seventies, and only at a few elevated spots could you feel the slightest tug of chill from winter’s reluctant desire to release its grip.

While some of the roads showed their winter fatigue in various ways from the harsh elements, it was the first bits of green, the warmth of sun’s rays, the rushing waters in streams and rivers and the otter relaxing on what was left of the ice covered pond that let us know winter was indeed losing its grip. The true testaments to springs arrival however are not these signs alone, but the amount of motorcyclist on the road this day. Blaze was not lost for company and enjoyed every moment with her new friends.

I found the group’s pace a comfortable one for clearing away the winter cobwebs, watching for pot holes, and spying sand covered intersections. These are the cautions of early spring riding. You can see in the photo below, just how much sand is still covering the main thoroughfares; a danger indeed for any two wheeled vehicle.

March is also the anniversary month for me and Blaze. It has been one year since our introduction. We are comfortable with each other and feel a perfect match. I’m looking forward to our next 10,000 miles together and adding many new friends along the way like the good folk of the Amherst Motorcycle Club.


Unknown said...

Nice write up Pat. It looks like you guys had a good time. It's a good group there. I wish I could have ridden yesterday but work got in the way. See you on the road and my best to Andy.

JoeRocket said...

Very nice to have you and Andy join us, as usual. We're looking forward to a good season and hope you'll ride with us as often as you can. Heck, since you write so beautifully and take such nice pictures, I bet we could make you the club historian or some such!

See you soon!

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

Unknown said...

Looks like you've been drafted to be the honorary club scribe and blogger. Glad to have you aboard.