Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Ride

First, the unimaginable happened. Last Saturday March 6th, Andy got his bike out and went for a ride with the Amherst group. Why unimaginable? Andy is never first out of the gate. Pat is the one chomping at the bit and trying to hurry spring into arrival. While my schedule didn’t permit going along, I nevertheless could not help wondering where he was at any moment, how things were going, if he was cold, and when the heck he was coming back.

When he did finally arrive and shared his first of the season ride with me, I clung to all the bits that might have kept me from enjoying the day. That way, I didn’t feel so envious, and I could take my time getting Blaze ready for the season. I never did get around to rolling Blaze out, checking the tire pressure and making sure all the nuts and bolts were holding fast. I spent the day inside taking care of my “new” ride.

No, this one doesn’t have two wheels. In fact, it doesn’t have wheels at all, but helps the ones in my head turn in a steady rhythm. My new ride is a beautiful credenza style desk in my “office” to accompany my new-to-me computer that I proudly rebuilt myself. Why do I call it my new ride? Well, as the body of a motorcycle is to its engine, it works in conjunction with computer, monitor and other peripherals to take me on virtual adventures when the season is unfavorable for the real thing. Then too, my newly organized space is perfect for me to sit quietly and ride the tides that flow and ebb in my mind, easing the creative spirit with thoughts put into word.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we are minus one friend who is on a new eternal ride. One we cannot follow. At least not yet. It is a poignant reminder that we indeed know not the hour nor the day and need to make every one of our moments count. With my new longer commute it seems important to me not to let what I love most slip. After all, we will not be remembered by what we did for a living, but how we lived our life each day.

So I am making time to write, sending notes to those I care for, and thinking about ways to balance musts with wants. While I must work, I am not looking for it to overshadow my personal life. In addition, I want to ride and I need to write. This last seems more important these days. I need to say the things that are in my mind, in my soul, and in my heart. Maybe you already know this about me. If so, then I’m doing a good job, but there is always “better.” As my good friend tells me often, “the more we do, the more we can do. The more we love, the more we can love.” I want the words that touch me, to touch you too. So I’m letting my new ride take me writing, so that the more I write from my heart, the more I can.


Unknown said...

Write away Pat. I'll be reading and make sure to put a nice coat of wax on the new ride, they always "run" better.

mq01 said...

im so happy for you. the new ride is exciting and makes perfect sense to me. beautiful post pat. write on :)

mq01 said...

ps, write and ride on :)

Anonymous said...

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