Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Traveling by Motorcycle Is Better than in a Car or Van

Due to a twist of fate, Blaze and I spent a wonderful day riding the great roads of New Hampshire with her sister “Jade.” I put Jade’s name in quotes because she has of course been sold. Her new owner may have given her a new name or no name at all, so I will refer to her as “the 650” going forward.

On Sunday, when Andy and I passed through the town in which the 650 now resides, we decided to swing by and see how the new owner was doing. When we arrived, the new owner was seated in the saddle heading out. He was pleased to see us and invited us to ride with him and his new girl. We accepted. The day unfolded nicely and we enjoyed riding with Oliver, Cashel and the 650. This had me thinking how riding motorcycles is so much more enjoyable than when you travel by car.

Here are some reasons why travel by motorcycle is so much better than in the van.

• People who ride motorcycles are friendly and approach each other to talk about their ride.

• I’ve never had anyone say to me “hey, I have that same model” when I arrive with the van.

• No one has ever asked me where I picked up the after-market gizmo on my van.

• When you travel by van/car no one asks how many miles you’ve clocked during the season, or where you have been.

• When I have purchased a pre-owned car, the previous owner has never arrived to see if I want to joy ride for the day.

• If the previous owner of a pre-owned vehicle did show up I might be annoyed instead of pleased.

• Other van owners have never inquired how I like the stock seats.

• I’ve never been asked how much my van weighs.

• No one has ever been amazed at the storage capacity of my trunk.

• In a van you have a destination.

• On a motorcycle it is the journey.

Now that I’ve started the list, I’m sure you have many more reasons to add.

I’m listening!


mq01 said...

lol, these are great!! im betting no one has ever asked how your van "feels". :)

fasthair said...

Ms. Pat:

Did your mini van come with all that chrome?

You look good in that mini van!

How fast is your mini van?

Is that the stock exhaust on your mini van?

And my all time favorite... can I have a ride in your mini van?

fasthair said...

You guys are funny!

How about, "Let's all go on vacation together and follow each other in our vans."