Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Ontario, Niagara, and Toronto

We left the shores of Oneida, and the multitude of fishing derby enthusiast, for the scenic shores of Lake Ontario. Above us were plenty of dark clouds with patches of blue. And while the sun shone for the most part, the gray clouds overhead were of such size, I thought for sure that at any moment one of them would become a cloud burst. That’s what would happen in New Hampshire anyway. However, as the day wore on the only drops that fell on us were from the spray of Niagara. Such strange giant dark clouds! I decided that these were the clouds that suck up moisture from the lakes and head straight for New Hampshire.

We were impressed with the homes along the shores of the lake, many large and imposing, with beautiful manicured lawns and long drives. Their yards sweeping down to the lake. There were a few parks as well, where we stopped for a moment’s contemplation. At times the wind was brisk and the sails on the waters tacked at a 45 degree angle. At some spots the waters were as green as that of any ocean with the choppy waters showing their white foamed tips. That is when you have to remember that this is a lake. While at times the smell of the breeze off the water reminds one on Hampton Beach on the shores of the Atlantic, this is no ocean.

We passed through customs into Canada to enjoy Niagara from that vantage point. Having been to Niagara on American side a few times, I was interested to see how things looked from here. The first big impression on me was how much more imposing the rapids look from Canada. On the American side, the view is mostly from a shore vantage point, but in Canada you see the rapids coming full force toward the edge and hurtling over. Wow!

After a late lunch with views from our window seat, we hit the slabs for Toronto. What’s in Toronto? It’s there, and we have never been. It’s as good a place to stay the night as any. Tomorrow is our ferry ride day, and I hope all those clouds that sucked up water from the lake are heading east. I want to enjoy every glorious vista tomorrow has to offer.


mq01 said...

OMG beautiful!!!!!!! wow, breathtaking.

montieandme said...

Great write up and slide show Pat, we have just toured Europe..shall come back and read some more

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are having fun. Enjoy it and ride safe. Keep Lee on the straight & narrow :-)