Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Red

Back when I was shopping for my first motorcycle I must have spent 100 lunch hours sitting on bikes in various dealerships within driving distance of the office. There was always one motorcycle that called me back time and again. Alas, I felt it was too much bike for me. Then I met Jade and we have been pals for the past five years.

During our Western vacation I put Jade through more than a 650 should have to endure. Always wanting to please, Jade gave me every ounce of energy she had within her cylinders to give. Desert heat in Arizona, to oxygen deprivation at 14,000 feet in Colorado, nothing kept her back. We have traveled more than 9,000 miles together this season alone. Each year, I push Jade to do more and more. Alas it is taking its toll.

Last weekend a friend of mine introduced me to Calypso, his magnificent Honda 1300 VTX. The memories of all those lunches sitting on this same model came flooding back. “Go ahead, sit on it” I was invited to do. “Start it up! Put it in gear!” The sound of the engine, the rumble of the pipes, my hands on the grips, it was too much. I was infatuated all over again. Calypso did not feel as big as I remember. He was well balanced, the clutch was responsive, and the height just right. I went home that evening and began my on-line search.

Page after page of photos scrolled through the screen this past week. Today, as one scrolled up it captured my attention. There before my eyes was the most magnificent looking 1300 VTX a person could behold. Windshield, saddle bags, floorboards front and back, the list went on. “Hello!” the photo said to me. “I’m Big Red.”

Oh dear.

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