Friday, November 21, 2008

Are You Still Drooling?

The landlord stopped by today with the HVAC guy. After a few short sentences to take care of business the HVAC guy asks if I’ve put the bike away for the season. I’m digging back in my mind to remember when last I saw this guy. He isn’t our regular guy. The fog lifts and a sunny summer day is recollected. The AC is down; HVAC guy to the rescue. We may not know each other’s first name, but I know how much he loves his Harley, and when he looks at me, vStar lady pops into his head.

We nod to each other in sad understanding at the passing of another season. We talk battery tender and Sta-Bil. The landlord chimes in. “You buy a new bike yet? Or are you still drooling.” Still drooling, I tell them. With that, I click the icon on my desktop and up pops the latest drool producer. It’s a Suzuki Boulevard all chrome and polish. Studded saddle and back rest, studded bags to match. There is a 360 view of photos and we scroll through them all. The heads bent over my shoulder are nodding. “Fine looking bike!” says the landlord.

I’m wondering if 800 is enough spread for me from a 650. The husband thinks not, a friend says “it’ll break a 100 easy.” He means miles per hour of course. Andy just wants me to have enough power so he doesn’t go through this again next year. He suggests we head out this weekend to a few dealers and sit on a variety of motorcycles to see which is the most appealing to me. I like the idea a lot! I may not find the bike that says “take me home, but I predict a lot of drooling this weekend.

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