Friday, March 28, 2008


My niece Nicole tagged my blog yesterday. It’s a very clever idea to bring readership to one’s blog. I’m happy to oblige and return the favor. I already have my favorite blogs listed at the bottom of this page. You can link to them anytime from there. One of them is Nicole’s. Nicole is a fabulous artist! She is infused with talent that I have watched blossom from early childhood. As I use my writing to express myself in ways mere spoken words escape me, Nicole expresses herself through her art. Check out her studio, and don’t be afraid to ask for requests. Her talent is boundless!

Now for the game: Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now for the seven random facts about myself:

1. Like Nicole, I love lilacs. I came to love them for the same reason too! They grew into a VERY tall bush below the bedroom window. There was nothing sweeter to me growing up, than the scent of lilacs floating in on the morning breeze.
2. I played bass clarinet in the high school band. I still love music, but don’t really play anymore. Other activities occupy my time.
3. My husband and I were engaged after knowing each other for one month. We have been married 31 years.
4. Yes, my hair is my own. Up until recently I had never even put a dab of dye into it…ever. I have been accused by people many times over the years of not sharing my color number, or divulging who permed my hair. Ladies, get over it. I have great hair and it’s mine! Only recently do I touch up the grays.
5. Since we’re on the subject of personal features, I’ve never had my teeth straightened either. God in his mercy, gave me good hair and straight teeth to make up for my other physical flaws. Get over that too.
6.About five years ago, while inspecting the new tattoo of one daughter, and exclaiming “what are you doing with my butterfly tattoo!” another daughter, with a deadpan expression, looked me square in the eye and replied “what’s stopping you Mom?” “What indeed?” I thought. That was that, I now have my very own beautiful butterfly fluttering across my shoulder.
7. I don’t believe learning ends when you leave school. I purposely place myself in circumstances were I have to learn new things. My interests are boundless. Exercising my mind is as important to me as exercising my body.

Tim Somero’s Blog
Tim and I used to work together for the same company. He is a technical writer by trade. He is also just a great writer, period. I really enjoyed his blog while he was in Brooklyn NY for the summer. Great stuff!

Thoughts from a Giant Brain
I consider Bob my dear friend. He has a great technical mind. He just started his blog and needs more inspiration to write. Check out his blog, leave him comments and spur him on.

Leigh’s Year – A Second Chance
Leigh is a member of the Monadnock Writers' Group and one of the board members. Leigh writes poetry. I enjoy her entries and her perspective on life, expressed in her poems. I have a new appreciation for poetry these days.

New Hampshire Photo Tour
Both Tim Somero and Tracy Lee Carroll have fabulous photos here. There are links to blog entries as well. Tim not only is a great writer, he's fantastic with the shutter too. Check both Tim and Tracy's photos and their comments here.

I’m counting the photo blogs of Tim and Tracy as two, so by my count that is five. If I remember two others, I will come back and edit this post.



Tracy Lee said...

Hello Pat,

The tagging meme is a great idea and a useful tool in driving traffic while getting to know a blogger better. The problem with tagging the NH Photo Tour site is that that site is not really a personal site for either myself or Tim. It is a collaborative project highlighting the works of many photographers throughout the state of New Hampshire who post their photos to the Flickr NH Group.

I do have a site that I do not write to enough, but it is my most current, personal, bloggish home.

Things Are Looking Up

If you want to tag me there, go for it. :) said...

Tracy, Thanks for the feedback. I think the links in your comment are fine. Folks can find you from here.