Monday, March 3, 2008

Breaking Free of Winter’s Grip (if only in my dreams)

Winter won’t seem to relinquish its frosty grip as storm after storm rolls into the region. Yet, like the robins heralding spring, plans for the upcoming riding season unfold right on schedule. Despite the snow covered ground and bone chilling wind, putting my name down on the ride roster gives me hope of warmer days ahead. My throttle hand is restless. Rousing Jade from her slumber draws nearer with each passing day.

The Season Opener will take place on March 29th. I had a wonderful experience on this ride last year. However, with the yard still packed with snow, the possibility of enough of it melting by then seems slim. Even if by chance nature should turn more favorably spring-like, let us not forget mud season.

Of course, I need not wait for organized rides to enjoy the motorcycle. With any luck, there will be a number of opportunities to ride alone or with friends. The NER calendar is currently quiet for the month of April and I shall take advantage of the lull to do just that.

The first big ride, that my name is on the roster for, will happen in May. This ride is for the New England – Canada Ride, a three day, two night meet, greet and ride event. Two Canadian riders, who have been posting on the forum for a few years, and one of our own, have conspired together to organize this ride. The US contingent will ride to northern Vermont, where we will meet our Canadian counterparts. We will spend a Saturday, riding the great roads in Vermont in friendship and camaraderie. The evening will be spent is social interaction. On Sunday, we will part ways and all head home, via our own personally selected scenic roadways.

I’ll have the laptop with me for this adventure and plan to chronicle the events of the weekend. It’s bound to have some interesting twists and turns, and I’m not talking about just the roads. How can it not prove interesting with names like Lucky Luc, Magilla, JJFlash, Mortis, Interceptor, Skidder, Wingman and NomadWillie to name a few taking part in the ride.

Be sure to come back because the adventures don’t stop in May. I’ll be heading to the NER Women’s Ride (hint, not just women) and the NER 8th Annual Birthday Bash as well. For more information visit the New England Riders at

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