Friday, June 5, 2015

Our New Arrival

The Henderson Clan continues to grow with the addition of little Xavier whom we welcomed into the world in May. Over the long Memorial Weekend, Andy and I took the slow way to Maine to lay our eyes on our new grandson. A trip that will take 4 hours by highway took 6 hours by back roads. That was perfectly OK with us. We made stops along the way, saw things you wouldn't see from a highway, and overall enjoyed just being on the road again.

Memorial Day was bitter sweet this year with tears of joy and sadness. Our sadness was in thinking of Dad, a veteran of WWII whom we lost in March, and tears of joy for the new life and the hope and promise it brings for the future. Xavier's birth in May added some comfort to us as Mom and Dad were both May babies. Xavier's birth falls smack dab between the two of them.

New Mother, Dad and Baby had appointments one morning, and with them otherwise engaged, we took a side trip to Bar Harbor, where a Whispering Giant can be found. This is number 5 for me, and each one is like finding a hidden treasure.

Other unusual sights you won't see on the highway are trees like this, with the power lines running right through the middle. We did a double take on that! Click on the image to get a better view. Now that is either love of the tree, or cost savings efforts.

And wouldn't you know, although it was the end of May, there are still snowbanks to be found in this part of the country. It was a snowball to the back that had me turn around and notice. (Not nice mister.)

And what adventure isn't made better than a souvenir to enjoy at the end of the day. Since Maine is a big producer of blueberries, it was nice to pick up this bottle of blueberry wine made right there in Bar Harbor. Then it was back home again, to dream about the next little road trip we will take.


Debra said...

Love the post, Pat. You and Andy are very deserving of your growing clan. It is a testament to your giving personality.
I really have to see at least one of the Whispering Giants. They look so interesting. And they are in the middle of nowhere- just random sculptures!

SonjaM said...

Congrats to the newest member in the family. What a cute one, and bonus: you got a good ride in.
I can't believe that there's still snow leftovers... meanwhile we are melting here.
Cheers from the Black Forest, Germany.

Trobairitz said...

Cute grandbaby, may he only know a life full of love and laughter.

Wow, 5 Whispering Giants for you. We have two in Oregon and I've only seen one of them and that was just a few weeks ago by accident.