Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fort Lauderdale and a Whispering Giant
March 11, 2015

On Wednesday, we kiss the little Lion Cubs goodbye and head to Fort Lauderdale. We'll be gone  from Kidani Lodge two nights, but not to worry. The Cubs have a second set of Grandparents to kiss their cheeks while we are gone. We head south in search of Statue #44. I have the coordinates in the GPS and I'm excited. Not only am I officially starting the Whispering Giants Tour, but today is my birthday. Sun, sea, and the rush of the wind past my helmet is a perfect way to spend a day.

As the day wears on, the heat becomes more intense along with the traffic. This week is also Spring Break, so anytime we near a beach, the traffic comes to a crawl. I begin to drip beneath the helmet, jacket and gloves. Nearing Fort Lauderdale Beach I can see by the GPS that we were within a stone's throw. Yet, the streets are one-way, which causes us to go with the snail pace flow down one side before we can venture back up the next.

Finally after what seems an eternity, and with the seat of my pants now damp from sitting in the saddle under the blazing sun, we make the turn onto A1A. I'm sure this road has another name, but I have no idea what it is. But if you go, it's three lanes of one way traffic heading north that runs right along the beach. Everyone is in a hurry, and here I am looking for my quarry. I hold up the impatient travelers while I scan the roadsides. About 100 feet from an intersection, I spot the Giant standing sentinel in a park and looking across to the ocean. We make a left a the next turn and pull into a parking spot.

I'm in a quandary as I look at where the statue is and busy A1A; a stretch of road without breakdown lanes, So in essence no place to pull over to get a photo of this statue with my motorcycle in front. In the park on the grass are two mounted police and one cruiser. The cruiser is parked in the shade of tree right behind the statue with an officer inside. Any illegal moves I consider vanish. The mounted police move on. But Andy is not deterred and heads for the cruiser. I follow and we chat with Office Dan. After some chit chat about where we are from, and what we are trying to do, Office Dan tells us he originally hales from Vermont. (Which I think helped coming from New England and all.) He then points to a small parking lot on the other side of the park and tells me to come in through there, ride across the grassy park, pull onto the side walk, do what I need to do, and then pull right back to where we are now located on the side street. So I do!
Statue #44

Me in front of #44

With the bike and rally flag set, Andy watches the traffic while I back into the street to get the bike and statue in the frame. He hollers when I'm in danger of becoming a victim of  oncoming traffic. I take several photos and leap back to safety. From there, we pay homage to the parking meters and spend some time on the beach. Andy of course in more interested in the beauties of Spring Break. However, I have my own pleasant conversation with a very handsome young life guard. He can rescue me any day.

Off we go again, touring around Miami, and making a final stop for the night in Hollywood.  We find a great Italian restaurant. They gives us a birthday discount, and I end my day with a birthday cannoli. I sleep soundly that night after a long day of riding with dreams of more adventures to come.

My birthday cannoli


RichardM said...

Happy Birthday! The cannoli looks wonderful. II'm enjoying following your trip.

SonjaM said...

Happy (belated) B-Day; Pat. I can't get enough of your summer like pictures. Spending some time in Florida will be on my next new year's resolution list.

Willie aka NomadWillie said...

Only two more to go to qualify. ..wtg