Saturday, October 18, 2014

Best Motorcycle Road Big Horn Mountain Loop – Wyoming

By Guest Blogger Kiara Wilson

While traditional motorcycle routes typically follow just one or two state and national highway systems, Bighorn Mountain Loop in Wyoming challenges riders to follow three different state roads in order to fully experience this area's natural beauty. The directions are not too difficult to follow, and the payoff is well worth the ride. At 230 miles, Bighorn Mountain Loop covers a variety of different terrains, from the Big Horn Mountain range to the Wyoming plains that make this area so significant. No matter what bike you're riding, you'll surely find a way to make this a thrilling ride for all.

There are a few sharp turns that make the Bighorn Mountain Loop a white-knuckle ride for even the most veteran of riders, but that's certainly not the purpose behind this famous motorcycle journey. Strap in and hold on, because your eyes will begin to wander almost as soon as you begin your journey. Starting on Alternate Route 14, you'll immediately find yourself among farmland as far as the eye can see. While other areas of the country can offer a boring, scenic ride, this type of farmland is a bit different. It's reminiscent of generations past, of how things used to be. This is the Buffalo Bill Reservoir irrigation project at its finest, and this is the very backbone of this nation's farm industry. Eventually, you'll come upon the Bighorn Lake, 40 miles south of Billings, MT. This national recreation area is the site of many tourist gatherings and lodging options, therefore a night spent here is well worth the journey alone. Of course, there is still plenty more of the Bighorn Mountain Loop to be seen, so let's press onward until we cannot go any further.

Anytime you come upon a visitor's center along the Bighorn Mountain Loop, by all means stop. You could learn a little bit about the roads you're traveling, as well as the rich, natural history that the area boasts. There simply aren't territories like this in the United States as often as there once were, and it's synonymous with the present times. Before you reach Burgess Junction and after you've left the lake, you'll come upon a national monument known as the Medicine Wheel. Although little is known about this giant, circular rock formation, it has become one of the area's largest attractions, and for good reason. With mysterious origins present even before recorded history, some think the Medicine Wheel helped ancients with healing and astrological powers.

Turn south onto US-14 at Burgess Junction to continue your Bighorn Mountain Loop trip. You'll soon ride upon lush wilderness trails and Shell Canyon, an absolutely breathtaking collection of plateaus and other large rock formations. If you'd like, you can even stop in Shell Canyon for some educational trips along the area's ridge line.

It may be best to bundle up and bring some heavy clothing with you on this Wyoming motorcycle excursion, because it can get rather cool during the day, even in the dead of summer. River Road makes a great line of jackets to stay warm and protected during your ride, and the Mesa jacket may be perfect choice. After all, you are entering the northern part of the United States with higher elevations, so it's safe to pack clothing that fits this vacation. If you're more comfortable in jeans and a ski jacket, then wear what suits you best.

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