Monday, July 7, 2014

Best Motorcycles for Women

by Guest Blogger Kiara Wilson

When it first came about, motorcycling was a typically male-dominated pursuit. Though far from being an accurate statement by today’s standards, I like to think this fact about the conception of our much loved passion is more akin to a comment on the times, rather than on the nature of motorcycling itself. Our collective world history is one that has greatly favored male dominance and superiority, so it was only natural that something as macho-enabling as motorcycling would be kept for some time before being made available to females.

While the majority of the archaic and borderline superstitious reservations that men have had in relation to women motorcyclists over the years are ridiculous, it can in some cases be true that certain bikes- and in turn the riding jackets and biker vests required in order to ride them are unsuitable for women. This opinion is based entirely on the subject of dimensions and science as opposed to capability! Here are some of the bikes best suited for the modern day she-biker.

Kawasaki ER-6n
The original run of this extremely voracious and capable bike was issued with seats at a height of just 785mm, though an even lower ‘factory-fit’ option is available which measures in 30mm lower and 10mm slimmer. As suitable for a hardened road veteran as it is a shaky beginner, the ER-6n is in no way a bike designed solely for women- merely one overly accessible to them.

The market for accessories in relation to this bike is huge, making it a prominent choice for the most hard-to-cater-for female riders.

A single cylinder model for many years until German manufacturing giants BMW decided to revamp it in 2008- adding a second, the F65OGS is a bike with a particularly low chassis suitable for the frame of riders both little and large.

An extremely efficient bike (it is German after all), you’re unlikely to have many problems with the function of this bike, or for that matter- its dimensions.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Padded riding jackets at the ready, it’s time to see if we can find any truth in the Ninja’s now legendary reputation as one of the most dangerous road bikes available today.

Though the Ninja is by and large a massively powerful sports-bike, the 250r is a little tamer underneath. Suitable for beginners and those who rank cruise comfort (slightly) above speed and power, the Ninja 250r certainly provides that unmistakable image.

Suzuki Marauder GZ125
A beautifully versatile 125, the marauder is as equally suited for the ranks of the sports riding jackets faithful as it is for the leather clad, biker vest toting outlaw biker wannabes.

With a seat height of 680mm and a weight of 140kg, this bike is overly suitable for female riders.

Victory Hammer S

For the ladies out there who crave the full on ‘road hog’ experience, the Victory Hammer S supplies you with all you could ever need, but with (slightly) less in the way of height (673mm seat) and weight (still a rather hefty 319kg).

Dig out those leather biker vests of yours.

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