Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking in the Rear View Mirror

Looking behind us is always a lot easier that looking ahead. No one has a crystal ball to see what will happen next, but we can all see what has gone on behind us. This is what I’m doing along with a lot of other people as one year ends and another begins. I’ve had my share of ups and downs this past year just like everyone else. Yet, part of my own personal growth is how I responded to those challenges. This year I think I did better than most years and I wonder what others who know me would say about that.

The year 2013 started out with a family member in crises and the ways we were challenged in meeting the needs of this person. At times I found it hard to be patient and kind. I had to watch myself as one watches from the outside. In the levels of awareness we have of ourselves, I find that many of my habits in my reactions I see at level two; where we become aware of what we are doing/saying as we are doing or saying it. This year, I’d like to progress to level three; where I see myself about to react but choose another path instead.

At the same time we were all dealing with the challenge, I had another challenge drop into my lap; writing for While I enjoyed this challenge very much, I wished for a clearer head at the time. Yet things do not always happen at the perfect time. My life was preoccupied and I never fully leveraged this opportunity in the way that I would have liked.

As the year closes, I find that I am now unemployed after nearly thirteen years with the same company. Yet I’m not unhappy. I have changed and so has this company. We are no longer a match for each other. I’m focusing now on where I want to go and not dwelling on any of the obstacles that may be in my way. I learned this in my motorcycle training course so many long years ago. “Look where you want the motorcycle to go. Not at the obstacle you are trying to avoid." My days are filled with dreaming of new opportunities, better fits for where I am in my life now, and more time to write. And that is a good thing in my book.

In thinking about getting back to writing, I’m contemplating a new path. I’m not saying that I’m moving away from the motorcycle, but I think it could be one of the vehicles I use to peruse a new avenue of subject matter. I have met so many interesting people. In speaking with them, they often have fascinating stories to tell. These stories have nothing to do with what they do for a living, what their status in life is, but more about what their own passion is, or how they became inspiration for others. Off the top of my head is Manal al-Sharif, whom I know personally, and has become a symbol for women the world wide. She her video here on TED.

Closer to home I am watching Sue and Christine at our local gym. They are an inspiration to me in their perseverance toward physical fitness. They encourage others, and even assist freely in correct form in the performance of some strength based exercise. All these people have stories. I would love to write about each one of them; for them, for me, and for you.
Pat and Manal


VStar Lady said...

Pat, here's hoping 2014 takes you where you dream.

Trobairitz said...

Have a wonderful 2014 and may your soul receive everything that you need in 2014.

I like your idea of looking where we want to go, not just on bikes but in life.

Happy New Year.