Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s Spring Already (for pity's sake)

Our snow blower gave us trouble this season, so the driveway has a narrow swatch carved out, big enough for one compact car. At the end of the drive is the storage shed where we house the motorcycles. I can only see half the ramp. The snow on each side is still waist high where the snow was thrown while digging out storm after storm. I pull into the yard after a long day and immediately my brain cries, “its spring already for crying out loud. Start melting!”

Even if we could roll Blaze and The Vulcan out into the driveway, it’s covered with ice. Even if the driveway were clear, the road out of here is nothing but mud. Oh joy, mud season in New Hampshire. While I love living out in the boondocks, it does come with challenges sometimes. I tell myself to suck it up and do something productive. Since Andy needs a new helmet, I take him off to the Kawasaki dealership in the next town over. The sleds are still on the showroom floor. (That’s snowmobiles for those who live in milder climates.) The clerk has to go digging in the storage inventory to find what we want. In the end, Andy finds something he likes and that fits well. One motorcycle related activity done and I’m feeling better already.

When we get home I fish out the box we got ourselves for Christmas and which I haven’t yet opened. It’s a Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset. Several rider friends of ours have enjoyed using theirs, and we have become tired of the wires hanging from our helmets while using the walkie-talkies. I start reading the manual. I like to follow instructions. Andy likes to dive right in. We compromise. I start with charging the units. I’m surprised at how giddy I feel watching the indicator light turn from red to blue. Then we move on to installing the clamp to our helmets. After that, Andy can’t wait, and begins putting it all together. I still read out loud, as I know the boom mic will not be installed as his last. Things start coming together nicely.

Then we are back to the manual so we can understand how to work these things. There are so many options that I want to take advantage of, but for right now, we just need to talk back and forth. A few false starts and we have it where we feel we like it. Not the voice activated option. Sometime I like to sing to myself on the bike. Sometimes Andy has a few choice words when drivers cut us off. Neither of us wants to hear the other unless necessary. So we select the tap. Then we put on the helmets and move around the house testing it out. As it turns out the day is not so bad. We’re wearing helmets after all. It’s a start. And the snow can’t last forever.

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Trobairitz said...

Since you had the helmets on in the house did you make vroom vroom noises?

I hope you like the Senas. We really enjoy them. We leave then on the 'open air' feature as it is easier when coming to a stop to not have to take your hand off the clutch to talk to the other person and give directions, etc.

Of course this means we hear burping, coughing, swearing, whistling etc. And sometimes we forget they are on until we hear the other person.

Hope that snow melts and the mud dries up soon.