Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maine Lighthouse Tour
Day 2

We take our time in the morning. Today is one of leisure. Slow to start, with a lazy ride along route 2 into Bangor. The Tour has not yet begun officially as its name might imply because of our day’s stop in Bangor to visit our daughter, her new husband, and our grandson. We find lodging and make reservations as check-in isn’t until 3:00 pm. Then spend the afternoon exploring Bangor in ways we’ve never had time for before.

Our exploration takes us to Waterfront Park. The redevelopment happening here seems a positive move to me on the part of the city. We listen to live music coming from the Sea Dog and I read a book in the sunshine, wind in my face until the 3 o’clock hour. We make our way back to our lodgings and unload our bags. Soon it’s time for our visit. I spend time playing ball with Aiden at games with simple rules as only a boy of four can imagine. We are treated to a home cooked meal of pot roast to round out the day before we say goodnight and retreat to our quarters.

Sometimes a journey needs a pause just to read the road signs along the way, to look to the sky, sniff the wind, and check out the lay of the land. Today was such a day. Tomorrow, we will breakfast with family and say our goodbyes. We will travel this way again, but just when is an uncertainty. We do know that children grow, people move on with their lives, and like the tide, we have little influence on the course. All we can do is ride the waves and hope it takes us here again.

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Unknown said...

Hi Pat,
We just got back from Florida and I'm catching up on my reading. It's good to see that you and Andy are chasing down the lighthouses. We had hope to take a week for riding this year but life seems full of curves in the road that are unexpected. We went to visit my mom instead. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see her and my dad. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I've enjoyed all your new blog posts and I'll be looking every day. Keep the pictures coming too. It all goes well with morning coffee.
Your dedicated fan :),
Rich (puckernomore)