Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down to the Bear Bones

If you think I’ve made a spelling error in the title, then you’ve never been to the Bear Bones Bash In Lowell Vermont. To be honest, I haven’t either, but I became a bit more curious about the event when I tapped Tony on the shoulder at the gym and asked how he’s liking his new motorcycle camper. Tony volunteer that he and his wife had just returned from an annual event called the Bear Bones Bash held each year just a stones through from the Canadian border at Hazen’s Notch Campground. Getting any more information than “I had a great time” soon became a struggle.

Tony easily divulged that Gordy, the owner,” just likes to have a good time.” Each year he holds a bash just for bikers. For $25, you get to camp for the weekend and are treated to a barbecue too. That’s when Tony clammed up. Despite using my charm to coax more detail, he hemmed and hawed. All he would offer me was “what happens at Bear Bones, stays at Bear Bones.”

Now my curiosity is at an all time high. Tony however is staying mum on what really goes on all weekend. He kindly sent me a few photos. And very few they were. I sat on these photos a while and only revisited them today. True, at first blush they seem innocent enough. There is Mrs. Tony all comfy in the camper, a few of his buddies shown camping and an idea of the general setup. When reviewing these seemingly innocent pictures it occurred to me that one of the photos just didn’t fit. Is this a clue?

I’ve posted them below for you to help me decipher. Do any of these seem odd and out of place? Someone went to a lot of trouble to pack a few things on a bike don’t you think? If; and I could be very much off base, these photos hold a clue, I'll need more research on blow-up sheep to get down to the bear bones….err.. bare…the facts!

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