Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love Handles

Here is a motorcycle accessory that I have not seen before, and may be just right for some of you out there. Just in time for Christmas too! It’s a product called Love Handles. I just love that name! Love Handles are moveable armrests that can be easily attached to a wide selection of motorcycle backrests (sissy bars) for the comfort of those who ride on the back.

Love Handles is the brain child of Bill Freer and Mary Martin. When Bill purchased his new Harley, Mary became reluctant to travel by motorcycle saying she hated the bumps and turns and could never find a good place to grip. It cut down on the number and duration of their journeys. Neither was pleased with the turn of events and knew something had to be done.

Their product, they believe, promotes companionship between rider and passenger. It offers a sense of confidence and promotes a comfortable ride for the passenger resulting in longer and more frequent rides, bringing couples back together.

Love Handles doesn’t stop at just offering a sense of security to the passenger, it also doubles as a multifunctional accessory. Solo riders may be interested to know that it can double as a luggage carrier. The product can be attached to most Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycles in about 10 minutes, and detaches within seconds.

To promote their new product Bill and Mary will travel much of the winter promoting their product at motorcycle tradeshows nationwide. You can check out some of their other products at and They also have a newly formulated blog which will be used for other riders to share stories about trips, riding and experiences. When you’re at the show this winter, be sure to look for Bill and Mary and check their product out. You have to admire a couple that will go to any length to solve a problem.

example of Love Handles

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