Friday, November 13, 2009

Motorcycle Trip of a Lifetime

How would you like to travel around the world by motorcycle on a 248 day, 40,000 mile odyssey? Well then, you are in luck. An Austrian company that has been organizing professional motorcycle tours for 30 years is doing just that. To celebrate their 30 anniversary, Edelweiss Bike Travel is planning an expedition that will cover 5 continents.

Beginning November 14, 2010 the tour leaves Paris and heads to Dakar in Senegal. From there the riders and motorcycles will fly to Buenos Aires. Then the group will cross the Panama Canal and head for California.

The next leg takes them in a flight over the Pacific to traverse the Australian continent. Riders will need to be fit and posses great stamina for this 7,000 trek across the continent. The last legs of the trip cover Beijing, the whole of Asia and half of Europe. Just toward the end the riders will reach the Alps for some spectacular riding, returning to Mieming Austria on July 20, 2011.

Learn more about this trip at Follow the link at the revolving globe; Discover Our Earth Expedition and download the PDF file with the complete details.

2 comments: said...

WOW! If I had a spare $100,000 and a dual sport bike, I could do this! As of today I'm taking donations and sponsorships - anyone game?

That would be such a kick a** trip though. Thanks for sharing and revving up the imagination. said...

I'm waiting to win the lottery. Then I'm out here! LOL