Sunday, June 7, 2009

Americade, New Folks and Tasty Ribs

Saturday being the last full day of Americade, we mount up for a ride to Lake George, New York. The Tour Expo is where I want to spend my time to look for new doodads for Blaze. Dave is along for the ride. It’s his first time to Americade. Lee and Deb will find us there.

A good portion of our ride is through Vermont along route 103. This route angles northwesterly and we connect with route 7 north and then route 4 into New York. The roads here just don’t get any better than this. As we approach Lake George it is evident that there is an event in this area. There are motorcycles everywhere!

We make our way to the beach to park as close as we can to the venue. I love this large grassy area with all its motorcycles. I imagine it as a sea of bikes. Even in the midst of so many parked bikes there is a rumble in the background that never ends. It is the sound of motorcycles all around Lake George that echo off the hills. Such a sweet music to my ears.

As the day wears on my head starts pounding and I realize its well after noon. I’m parched and hungry too. We make our way to the food vendors. After we make our purchase we look for any table that has a spot to park our behinds. Even if there are folks at the table they graciously make room for others. I park my behind and chow down. My head is already feeling better.

Andy comes up from behind me as Deb is taking a photo and begins sprinkling kisses on my ear. Philadelphia Phil wants to know if there is a line. Deb and I true to form begin to giggle. Philadelphia Phil is the kind biker that gave us room at the table. He has a new ’08 Yamaha V Star 1100 that has barely 2,000 miles on the clock. We exchange notes about our bikes. I always enjoy meeting another V Star rider.

I am not having much luck in the shopping department, but we always make new friends such as Philadelphia Phil which is really part of the charm of Americade, the camaraderie. On the way home we stopped at Curtis’ BBQ on 103. Curtis’ serves up some of the best ribs around. This is a family run business and we are at the daughter’s location. Dad has the original Curtis’ further down on route 5. Both prepare ribs in the family’s tradition style and one is never disappointed.

The excitement of the day happens here at Curtis’ when I decided to pull the bike up under the sign and take a photo. I will save that little event for another day. So you will come back to find out, it involves billowing smoke and Blaze being true to her name.


Unknown said...

And so begins the saga of how Pat became known as 'hot pants'...

mq01 said...

sounds like a fantastic time!!! I've been known to ride 200-250 miles for good ribs myself :) and those pics...the sea of bikes...awesome!! i cant wait to hear about Blaze...

bikerphoto said...

I was thinking at work one day last week, "I wish I had gone to Americade" Nice writeup. I really need to do more riding in upstate NY and New England. This year my project is to explore more backroads on Pennsylvania. In the past I have generally headed south from Maryland.

Baron's Life said...

Riding in Vermont must be a God sent experience..sounds like it was enjoyable except for the hungry part.
Good post...loved it