Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Blogger has some new gadgets I’m trying out for the first time. I noticed a few cool items on the blogs of some new friends of mine. I decided to check them out for myself. If you have never scrolled to the bottom of the page, you may have missed that I had links to some of my favorite blogs. One of the new gadgets available with Blogger is just for this purpose. Take a look down the right hand side bar and you will now find the list easily. I have them sorted by most recently updated. This will give you the latest content.

Then, while visiting Fasthair, I noticed his poll about helmets.
“Now how did he do that?” I wondered.
The answer….Gadgets! I’m trying out a poll of my own. You can tell by the subject what is preoccupying my mind these days. And like Joe Rocket, I’m dreaming of the motorcycle shows coming up in January, so I can sit my behind on a few models and see how they fit.

In the motorcycle buying department I am very fortunate to have the New England Riders to turn to for help. From what I understand, Magilla has a knack for finding great deals on just the thing you are looking for. He is on the hunt, and I have no doubt that he will find just the right ride for me.

Gadgets on Blogger are just about as much fun as finding new gadgets for the bike (well almost.) Take a few moments to check out the other motorcycle blogs, but don’t forget my friend Tim. While he doesn’t ride, he does write for a living. The encouragement he gives me to write, and the time he takes to edit what I do write is a gift I cherish.

Congratulations on your engagement Tim. We look forward to reading about all your new life adventures.

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fasthair said...

Ms. Pat: You made me blush! OK not really :)

I don't know if you use this or not but Microsoft's Live Writer makes composing and posting your blog simple and easy. Plus you can do so much more then using Blogger to make your post. Then to top it off it is free! Give it a look. Oh, it only works on a PC and not a Mac.