Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guest Blogger Lee Mowatt - Relfections

To all of you,

Traveling means being away from our routines and habits. It means being away from the familiar. In short, it means learning about ourselves as we look out into the world at new things. These new things aren't always outside of us, but inside of us as well. It is always useful to watch ourselves as we experience new sights, scenes, habits, and customs. It is here where we test our flexibility, compassion, and adaptability.

We each took this trip for a variety of reasons. For me, I knew that I would discover parts of me that I had lost touch with. From being here before, I knew I could find a few answers that I had been seeking. I'm so appreciative that each of you was with me on my trip of self-discovery. So what did I discover?

· I discovered new meaning to a lesson I had been teaching my son. Leadership is NOT a position of power. It is a position of responsibility, service and passion.

· I discovered that my bike can no longer do its top speed of two years ago, but my bike is blaming that inability on the owner.

· I discovered, once again, that traveling with friends is a lot more educational and fun than traveling solo. I may be my own best company, but there are severe limitations to what I can learn in that scenario.

· I discovered that the open road on a motorcycle has a way of inspiring introspection and a reflection that tends to provide real answers for the management of my life. I call this Wind Therapy, and this trip provided that in abundance.

· I've re-discovered the power and immenseness of Nature, and have felt appropriately insignificant.

· I've witnessed again, and have learned more about the power of cooperation. We have all experienced the trip of a lifetime, and not one of us could have or would have done this alone. But the level of cooperation needed for this trip pales to the cooperation and coordination it must have taken to achieve Lake Powell Dam, the Royal-Gorge Bridge, or the pass through spotted wolf canyon. I have re-committed myself to the exploration of cooperation and all it can achieve. My version of the golden rule has been and is re-committed to be - If my needs are to be met, then I must contribute to meeting the needs of others. This is an inescapable rule of life in any animal society, including us humans.

· I've discovered that I am very similar to each of you, and yet very different. The similarities are the basis of a bond. And the differences are the basis of our learning from each other; at least that is how differences should be used.

· I've discovered that only in Utah can there be a highway exit that is in the middle of nowhere, that is literally called "No Name". I mean, for Christ-sake, it is the only exit for miles around, and was put there for some reason. Couldn't they at least find a name for it?

· I've discovered that there is so much more to discover about who I am, what I am, and how I am. Along with this, I've re-discovered that the path to those discoveries is facilitated first through my connection with people, then through my energy, and lastly through a motivation to be better. And, for me, better is the cornerstone of my approach to life.

· These discoveries may not be earth-shattering, or deeply profound. And these certainly aren't new discoveries. Everyone knows this stuff, or so they may think. But each time I learn these things over and over, new meaning is given to them and there are new ways these discoveries enrich my efforts and connections.

· So please accept my thanks for being able to serve you all on this trip.


Blogger Host Comment:
Lee has often jokingly referred to us as the "Senseless Six", however, I feel we should be more aptly dubbed the "Sensational Six." Lee's words only scratch the surface of our experiences, introspection, respect for each other and this magnificent place called Earth. Thank you Lee for your contribution here, and the words of friendship spoken from the heart.

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