Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leaping Into the Future

It’s been a quiet week. The highlight so far has been meeting the painter hired by the property owner to paint the railings in the stairwells. Seems this guy has 30 motorcycles in his garage, antique Indians and Harleys mostly. I was hoping he would chat more about his collection, but he’s fairly tight lipped. One of his helpers rides a Harley too, and small world that it is, even knows two former employees. The two former employees are husband and wife, both Harley Riders themselves. As is typical of Harley owners, they were polite when they learned the make of my own bike. “Well, that’s good for starters,” they said with a twinkle in their eyes.

I had to leave the house an hour early this morning to let them into the building along with our pest control man. As I left my drive, I was a bit lead footed on the accelerator as I traveled along the snow-covered dirt road that leads from our home. Out from the woods comes a young white tailed deer, and leaps right in front of the car. I break, with serious intent to stop, but slide along the icy road. The van’s back end has intentions of coming around to the front. Thankfully, I come to a stop before that happens and avoid the deer as well. I’m awake now! I continue on my way with less pressure on the accelerator.

I had time today to finish the book Kyla gave me for Christmas. I have two valuable pieces of advice to take with me from this most current book by Sonia Choquette. Since I’m in the zone of self-help books, I was sorry to see the book come to an end. However, while out to lunch and browsing through Target, I spotted a new book by my other favorite author, Wayne Dyer. I knew right then how to put my gift certificate to good use.

Other then self-help books, my other bible these days is the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2008 edition. It’s a reference really, and has web links that I take the time to examine. The reference is useful in that if the comments under each heading don’t turn me off, I then check their web site. If I like what I see there, I mark them as a possibility of a place to market my writing. My days may be quiet, but they are far from unproductive.

The self-help books feed my soul; the references feed my curiosity and educate me in the ways of the publishing world. Both are food for the mind and soul. Just like the deer leaping into view, you never know what opportunity will pop up next. I want to be ready… body and soul.

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