Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Top Poster

I’m not sure why, but it came as bit of a surprise, when for the second time, I found myself one of the top posters on a forum. This time it was the group web site for recently unemployed colleagues. This group formulated to share information about such things as job postings, recruiters and interview tips. There is a wealth of information here that is helpful to everyone. What could I possibly have had to say that led to me ranking second in the top posters list? I began to asses the reasons.
First, I looked at the two top posters. One is a professional writer, and I, an aspiring writer. I smugly leap to the idea that I just like to write. While this may be true, it isn’t the whole picture. I also have a strong mother hen instinct that my friends are fond of pointing out. They all have varying degrees of positive and negative comments about their observations. I study this a bit more. I think about the members of this group. All members began with looking for work. To date, nearly half of them have been successful. Am I a top poster because I have a true concern? Yes, my concern is genuine. However, I could follow their efforts without posting anything. After all, I’m not likely to have any leads to software jobs, or be familiar with recruiters. So this isn’t the answer either.
Negative suggestions begin to pop into my mind. Is it possible I’m just nosy? On the other hand, maybe I like gossip? I disregard these as labels that should apply to me. I prefer to believe I’m a social butterfly. Forums are, after all, virtual places to “hang out”. I know for sure this is the reason I “hang” at the other forum. It is strictly for the entertainment value and the camaraderie of real and virtual friendships. My assessment then is that I’m a social butterfly, who wants to keep connected with friends she cares about, but doesn’t often have the “real time” face-to-face luxury for doing so.
This may be closer to the truth, but doesn’t explain why I fall in the top poster list. I realize at one forum, I almost can’t help but to post comments. They are all so funny at times, it can’t be ignored. As for the colleague group, its possible I just don’t want to be forgotten or that I want to continue to be useful. The true reason may be a combination of all the above. One thing is for sure, however, its evident I love to talk!

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