Friday, August 10, 2007


Thursday August 9, 2007

Some days, it is hard to identify my blessings. Recently I have been reading a spiritual awareness book that urges one to see the “gifts” each day brings. The reader is instructed to start each day by asking for a specific gift. If you have nothing in mind simply ask to be surprised. Today I asked for a specific gift. This gift is dependent on interaction with another person. I am anxious to smooth things over and make right a friendship, which is damaged by my thoughtless words. In the asking of this gift, I realize that it would involve another person’s free will. Free will can never be interfered with under any circumstance. So in order to preserve this, I ask to be surprised instead. The first surprise was finding my earring back. I had lost this yesterday and was dismayed as it was part of a set of expensive earrings. There it was, placed right on my desk where I would not miss it!
My next gift came in the form of a phone call from Steve. It was a lunch invitation! I was delighted! Steve has always given me sound advice. It was with this on my mind that I found myself expressing my circumstances and desires about the future. I will not attempt to quote Steve here, as I would never do him justice. However, Steve can see and hear the anger I am holding. I thought that I had moved on from recent unsettling events but it is evident that I haven’t. He notices that the upbeat, good natured Pat is missing. I ask for advice. The advice I receive from Steve is never unsolicited, but willingly given if asked. On those past occasions when I chose not to take the advice, I found myself sorely regretting it. Steve has an intuition that is surprisingly right on target. I’m going to pay attention this time.
The gift of Steve’s advice could prove to be larger than I ever expected. I now have a new perspective. It is quite possible that if my present circumstance is managed carefully, I could reap rewards, that until today, I had only dreamed about.

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