Wednesday, August 8, 2007


My laptop is in the repair shop and I have been without it since Monday. It has become such an extension of me, that I feel lost without it. My postings here will be slim in the meantime, I predict. Not that there is a lot of excitement right happening in my life at the moment. There are a few incidental items of interest only to me I suppose.

Yesterday, I decided to take a long walk during my lunch hour. Although it was a hot day, there was a breeze. I watched for patches of shade along the way. As I rounded the turn to the front of our building, I looked across the street. It has been my habit to glance there ever since I learned that is where a rider in our group works. Low and behold, I see him backing his Goldwing out of the parking space and he heads for the exit. I stand on the corner and wait. He comes to a stop and watches for his opportunity to merge into traffic. All the while he is there, I am waving first one arm and then both. I add calling out his name to the arm waving, but he pulls out and never notices me. One of his co-workers stands in the lot watching the whole process. I am wearing a bright yellow shirt and suddenly feel like Big Bird, big, yellow and conspicuous. I make a hasty retreat. I send a few e-mails his way to give him a hard time and we have fun with the exchange.

Today, during an afternoon break, I stroll around the building just to get out. I listen the birds call, and watch a few butterflies return repeatedly to the same flower before they realize their mistake. Again, as I round the corner, I see the Goldwing making for the exit. He sees me. With a big grin on my face, I flail my arms. He pulls over to the side and we have a good chuckle. After a short chat, he is off.

A few of the old crew have stopped by one by one during the course of the day, and it is a pleasure to see them and catch up on how they are doing. Adjusting to a considerably smaller office is a challenge for me. I miss the interaction with the larger group of people I used to support. It is the small connections, such as these, that help me through my day and bring a bit of sunshine.

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