Friday, August 3, 2007

Shouldn't You Be Doing This?

August 2nd:

I make my call to the HP Technical Support Center as I don’t want to believe it will take a whole week to enter my laptop into the system. I’m connected with Lucien. Since this is my third call, I’m getting used to the routine and am ready for all of Lucien’s questions. Finally, we get to the support part I’ve been trying to get too in my last two calls. Lucien has me try a number of things, all of which I had the intelligence to do on my own at home. However, I’m gracious and realize that if I’m to get help, I need to repeat all the steps anyway. Then Lucien asks me if I have a screwdriver! I respond affirmatively and soon my mind is recalling a commercial on TV. In the ad, a doctor dressed in scrubs, is speaking on the phone. He’s giving instructions on where to make an incision. The scene switches to the other end of the phone. A man is standing in his kitchen holding a household knife, asking “shouldn’t you be doing this?” That is exactly how I feel, but none the less, I obey Lucien’s instructions. I remove the panel he indicates, and look inside the bowels of the laptop. Here I see circuit boards. Two are placed in a piggy back manner. I’m instructed to move the tiny clips from each side and when I do, the first board pops up. I pull this one out, repeat the procedure for the second board and reverse them. The laptop still has the pinstripe down the display.
Next I remove the panel for the hard drive. I lift the black ribbon as instructed and it tears a bit. I’m flustered now. Lucien is trying to be patient but I can’t figure out how to pop out the hard drive. I tell him how uncomfortable I am and that I am worried about destroying my warranty. He calms me and tells me it’s OK. I fasten all the screws back in place. I’m given some reference numbers and told the hardware people will call me later. I give several phone numbers so they have no excuse in not reaching me later. Someone does call by afternoon and arrangements are made for my computer to take a little trip in for repair. I’m told that I will be without my laptop for about nine business days. I can live with that as long as I get it fixed. I’ve had this thing a month and already it has become one of my most valued tools.
After work I head to Peddlar’s Daughter in Nashua for a Numega get-together. Kelly-Sue initiated this one. My Connie has good news! She got a job at the Talking Phone Book. I am so relieved for her. She is such a fine lady and worked for me so well. She deserves a break. A number of people have been successful in finding employment. Unfortunately, some of my dearest friends are still suffering under rejection. It is a hard time for everyone. I wasn’t sure I wanted to come this evening, but seeing everyone has given me a boost and it’s late before I head for home.
As I leave the pub, I am surprised at the oppressive heat this time of the evening. By now things usually begin to cool off. As I zip my jacket and put on the helmet, the sweat is starting to trickle down my face. At each traffic light, I find it hard even to breath. By the time I reach the by-pass in Milford, I can finally feel cool air. It must be at least 10 degrees cooler here than in the city and I’m thankful that I’m heading to the coolness of the woods. As I ride along Stony Brook that last stretch to home, the coolness generated by the water of the brook is refreshing. If I had a few more miles of this, I would continue on past home for the pure enjoyment of the evening.

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