Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I love to write. I can’t seem to help but sit down and let my fingers move across the keyboard. I write about anything and everything that comes across my mind. When I think, it formulates itself in my mind as text. I shuffle it around, play word games, think abstract thoughts or have profound insights. When people speak with me, their words often arrange themselves as dictionary entries and I begin to contemplate the variety of meanings one word can have. People often convey their true feelings in this way without awareness of what they are doing, so I believe.
While I enjoy the written word as a hobby, I hope to one day make it my profession. Therefore, I would enjoy feedback from those who read this blog. Some of the feedback I am looking for would be your thoughts on content.
• Which entries were more interesting to you than others, and why?
• What didn’t I speak enough about that you wished had more information?
• In what ways do you feel I could improve my content?
• Are my musings of interest?
• Do you enjoy the descriptions of the people that cross my path?

You can address any area you feel needs my attention. Tell me where you think I am going right, and where I may go wrong. Content, style and structure are all eligible for scrutiny.

You may use this address: to send your comments if you don't with them public. Your input is appreciated.

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Tim Somero said...

Bravo! Takes great courage to post a request for feedback, but it will only help you in the long run.

When time permits, I'll e-mail you some observations regarding your writing.