Thursday, August 30, 2007

Against the Tide

This long and stressful summer, has caught me in a rip tide from which I cannot extricate myself. At first, I fought against the tide. This sapped my strength and took an emotional toll on me. To survive, I let it carry me where it will, while I merely tread water. All the while sending out signals, reaching for strongholds and eyeing the shore all in an effort to save myself.
The current has trapped many of us. We are a sea of humanity carelessly tossed about by Neptune’s vengeance. In his anger, he has struck the ground with his trident and reeked havoc among his faithful subjects.
Yesterday I felt a shift. The rip tide is beginning to release its grip. I’m ready for the uncaring sea to spit me onto the shore. I am not even concerned if the shore is abandoned and I have a long walk to civilization. I simply want to be free from its grip.
Let Neptune pull his treasures to him and isolate himself in his inland sea palace. We are finally free of his grip. He, however, is trapped with his treasures; bitter, alone and unloved.

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