Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rubber Legs

Friday morning I wake up on the fast track. This is my second vacation Friday and I have a lot to do. I head to the gym first. I’ve been a little lax in the leg department and decide to put all the effort into that area today. After the cardio I head to the floor. I haven’t done any floor work here because the new gym has still been getting organized. This morning, the floor space is free and I do my lunges and squats, with a ten pound weight, of course. Gee, my legs feel a bit rubbery. Can I be that out of shape? I think it has been a month since I’ve done these. I shouldn’t feel this weak. I ignore it and go on to a few of the machines that isolate the inner and outer thighs. Then I concentrate on the calves. I make the rounds, shower and head off to the market.
At the market, I find that I’m holding onto the basket like an old woman. For goodness sake, my legs still feel like rubber! At the produce section, I’m trying to get near the head lettuce. A tall good looking young black man is tossing in head after head of lettuce. I stop counting after ten heads. He has a bright red tee shirt on with a gold chain around the neck. His hair is done is what seems to me to be short one inch dread locks circling the skull. It looks good on him. He looks at me while I select my head of lettuce so I joke while indicating the basket that he will have one big salad! He gives me a blank stare. He heads off down the isle. He has a bad cart. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, is the sound it makes in rapid succession as he moves along. He stops and asks a question of the clerk and I realize his English is limited. That would explain the blank stare. I finish my shopping and all the while I know just where the black guy is by the ka-thunk ka-thunk ka-thunking.
Andy and I want to be off early to the Cape. We load the van and head out priding ourselves on the idea that we may beat all the rush hour traffic. We could never have been so wrong! What usually takes us two and a half hours stretches to four! When I finally climb out of the car at my daughter’s house, I realize that I have seriously taxed my legs. It’s an effort to climb the stairs of her split level home. I grit my teeth and bear it and am rewarded with a pot roast supper and lots of hugs and kisses for the baby.
Paulina is such a sweet baby. She is not shy of strangers, which to her, Andy and I are for the most part. She loves to cuddle and if you hold her, she readily lays her head on your shoulder. If held at arms length, for a better look and small talk, she’ll reward you with a wide toothless grin! Her bright slate blue eyes look right into your soul. This is softened further, by the soft riotous curly locks perched on her tiny head.
After supper and small talk we head to our Cape home. I am totally exhausted! Between my legs killing me and my eyes ready to slam shut, I can’t decide what is worse. I drop like a rock into bed and remember nothing more.

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