Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unexpected Friends

When Char first began at the office, she would eye me suspiciously whenever I entered the sales department. If I didn’t jingle my keys or clear my throat when I entered the area, she would jump at my approach, and eye me suspiciously until I finished with my errand. At other times, I would be lost in my work, my full attention on the task at hand, when I would turn and there she’d be. Jumping out of my skin, she would step aside, and without further adieu, take her leave.

It went on this way for some months. My curiosity had me watching her comings and goings. She and Matt is seems, are very close. They arrived together, take their breaks together, and end the day together. Each attentive and in tune with the other. He holds the door, she always waits patiently whenever he is distracted.

Char is a good looking blond with soulful eyes that seem to watch the world with such seriousness, it unsettles me at times. She keeps to herself, at the sidelines, yet you are aware that she never misses any of what is going on about her. It’s been a long slow process, but Char and I are finding our way to friendship.

She began to take interest in me by way of what I brown bag for lunch. Each morning she came around my desk to inspect my clothing, and eye my bag. At other times, I would here footsteps and there she would be as I popped my treasure into the microwave. It was on one such day, that I noticed a hint of amusement in those soulful eyes.

These days, Char anticipates my lunch time arrival. However, she no longer comes to watch what I prepare, but from her station, looks up, and sniffs the air. That is when we make eye contact that tells me of her approval or disapproval of the lunch menu. Now, when I walk by her, she greats me hello, lets me by, and says “enjoy your lunch”, by way of her tail thumping the floor. I lean forward, give her a pat on the head, and say “good girl Char! Good girl!”

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