Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Lost Satellite Reception

I jump out of my skin at the unexpected voice saying, “lost satellite reception!” My quiet meditation, as I drive along, is shattered by the disembodied voice coming from the GPS. My skin prickles with the impression that an unseen entity is monitoring my private thoughts.

I certainly feel as if I have lost satellite reception and have temporarily lost my way. Another opportunity has yet again slipped my grasp. I feel relief and disappointment at the same time.

Recently I tuned in to watch the new episode of Lost. The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are rescued and returned to the real world. Yet, their lives are in more shambles than when they were stranded on an obscure island in the middle of nowhere. In fact, while castaways, their existence had more meaning and their goals were more clearly defined. Like the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, could it be possible that I’m where I should be?

We all have feelings that we have not yet arrived, yet in the striving toward our destiny, we are actually attending to our true purpose. The world and its trappings are a distraction telling us what we should want. While stranded, the survivors realized their true greatness. When returned to the real world, the distractions of life made them fearful. There is a lesson here for me it seems. With the GPS, an adjustment of the receiver soon locks back on to the celestial orbiting vehicles and is on tract again. An adjustment of my expectations possibly? On the other hand, it could be as simple as being off course and needing to recalculate the route to my destination.

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