Thursday, February 14, 2008


I sit cross-legged,
eyes gently closed,
the heat of the sun streaming
through the plate glass window,
warming my winter tired bones.
Hands rest one on each knee,
my back straight,
head erect.
I do not empty my mind,
but instead create a moment
away from this place.
I wait.

Soon, the wind
is whistling past my ears,
the horizon tilting in my vision,
the scent of lilacs is in my nostrils.
The warm sun is glinting
off chrome,
heat rising from the pavement,
the sun’s glare
causing me to squint
despite dark glasses.

My hands
feel the vibration in the grips,
the saddle
sure between my thighs.
My concentration
is sharp and keen
to every movement
left and right.
The ribbon of road
slips away behind me
and with it
every unsettling concern.

I sense that time is up.
Slowly and with deliberate care,
I open my eyes.
I observe the great expanse
around me.
feeling the hollow emptiness
trapped by these four walls.
I watch the shadowed patterns
at the window.

I rise,
refusing to look too closely
at this place
and make my way
back to reality.

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